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Who are we ? 


A major French veterinary clinic group

Sevetys is a French veterinary group with nearly 200 clinics throughout France and over 1,000 employees.

Sevetys, started in 2016, has been growing thanks to an ambitious development trajectory. It all started when Daniel Einhorn, entrepreneur, met Michaël Silber and Loïc Serrurier, 2 passionate veterinarians. Together, they decided to invite other veterinarians to join their group with 2 aims in mind:   to assist them with their daily responsibilities and to set about modernizing the sector. Since then, more than 180 clinics have chosen to join this adventure.

Thanks to our teams’ dynamism and expertise, Sevetys’s vocation is to support and contribute to modernizing the veterinary sector and participate in animal welfare in France.

Our ambition:  to place veterinarians and animal health professionals in the best conditions to do their job. To achieve this, we create local networks of professionals with complementary skills who share a true team spirit, working and growing together in a convivial environment.


Our teams work in local clusters to share best practices, constantly striving for medical excellence.

Veterinarians and veterinary care assistants (VCAs) form a true community, working together daily in a spirit of conviviality.

Each clinic has its specific specialty/expertise (Canine, Exotic Pets, Equine, Rural), yet all have the same overall objective: each animal’s health/wellbeing and its owner’s satisfaction.


At Sevetys we believe it is essential to be as innovative as possible on environmental and societal issues. We integrate this dimension into our thinking and into all our projects.

Thus, we support employee-initiated projects, such as recycling plastic and animal hair.

We are also developing partnerships with Vétérinaires pour Tous (Veterinarians for All) and Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (Veterinarians Without Borders).


At Sevetys, all of us – veterinarians, VCAs and support teams – are driven by the same passion: the love of animals.

We believe in the impact we have through promoting animal welfare. We have one obsession: the health of our companions and their owners’ satisfaction.

It is this passion that dictates our professional standards.


Joining SEVETYS means becoming part of a caring community of expert professionals.

Because together we go further! You will benefit from the extensive knowledge of the most highly experienced and discover a large playing field where you are able to develop your skills.

Clinic residency, in-house training, sharing best practices, and a convivial environment are all opportunities offered by the Group.


Hypergrowth means opportunities. We are actively looking for talents to join us in pursuing the Sevetys adventure.

Training, job growth, a new professional career path… Sevetys accompanies you as you envision your project and offers you a real career plan.